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Nature and Nurture presented by the Poetry Society

Hear some extraordinary poems from 2019's National Poetry Competition. Featuring readings from Charlotte Knight, Elaine Beckett, Joe Dunthorne and Ian Humphreys. Presented by Ben Rogers of the Poetry Society. 

Performance in the Pub at the virtual 'Cross Keys'


A delicious tone of eavesdropping binds these three readings as we are called to contemplate the binds that tie us to one another. Jill Abram with Arji Manuelpillai, Ali Lewis and  Serge ♆ Neptune. 

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A Scottish Fantasy

Sharon Black with Miriam Nash, Andy Jackson, Rob A. Mackenzie and Louise Peterkin.

Through a plethora of visions, superstitions and personas, this event muses what it is to be human in past, present and future.

Objects and Enquiry


Paul Stephenson with Richard Skinner, Olivia Dawson, Mike Sims and Julia Bird plus Artist in Residence, Henny Beaumont. 

Objects can have a powerful hold over us. We all look at, and understand them, in different ways – finding memories, secrets, fears and surprises. Click here to view the illustrations made for this event by Henny Beaumont.

North, South, East, West


Bringing together poets from the four corners of the UK, from Aberdeenshire to Cornwall and from Merseyside to Norfolk. Listen to Martin Malone, Sue Burge, Katrina Naomi and Maria Isakova Bennett for a veritable poetic tour from coast to coast to coast to coast! Click here to view images alongside Maria Isakova Bennetts reading

Languages and Place

Jane Commane with Sue Wallace Shaddad, Jessica Mookherjee, Jennifer Wong and L. Kiew.

We understand the world around us and the places we are in through the languages we use to describe them. Languages bring us together and set us apart. 


The Human Comedy 

Dr Helen Eastman with Lorraine Mariner, Luke Samuel Yates, Emma Hammond and Katherine Stansfield

Embracing the surreal, the bewildering and nonsensical, four poets jostle and jest with modern life. 

Place and Memory


Patricia Debney with Lucia Dove, Alan Buckley, Jennifer Edgecombe and Heidi Williamson

How much of a place do we carry with us into the future? And how does the memory of place ripple down across generations?

The World Around Us

Patricia Debney with Claire Crowther, Mina Gorji, Andre Mangeot and Rebecca Watts

In perceiving the world around us, how do we reconcile what we see and encounter with our understanding, our feelings and our beliefs?

All Saints Sessions present: Ultra Sound

Cheryl Moskowitz and Alastair Gavin’s fusion of poetry and sound with special guests poet Isabelle Baafi, and musicians Malcom Ball and Ian Burdge. Find your headphones and immerse yourself in a magnificent fusion of sound and poetry.

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